Copycats, Serial Killer Addiction, Female Serial Killers and Other Myths?

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Profiler Q&A
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Are there such things as copycat killers and, if the original serial killer is alive and in prison, do they often share information on the details of their murderous activity with them?

Pat’s Response:

Generally speaking, the answer is no.  There are those that read of famous serial killers’ exploits that may have communicated with them, but nothing of the level we see in film and, certainly, not someone carrying on the first one’s MO and signature or the first one controlling the later one.  Mostly, both are psychopaths and can’t stand each other because they are so narcissistic.


To what extent are drugs and alcohol involved in terms of serial killers re do serial killers use or abuse drugs or alcohol?

Pat’s Response:

A good percentage of serial killers aren’t into drugs or alcohol as they like to keep their wits about them.  That being said, of all possible types of predators, sexual sadists are the ones most likely to abuse alcohol; they tend to have DUI problems.


What are the differences between male and female serial killers?

Pat’s Response:

While female serial killers are rare, it is interesting that I don’t ever remember hearing of a woman outside of Aileen Wournos committing violent serial murders alone or of any man killing all his babies off, one after the other, as female serial killers do.  Why males don’t ever do that and why women do not do what men do is up for debate.  However, the fact is that while there methods and victims are different, they both kill.


  1. kathlb says:

    This is interesting Pat. Statistics are always a fairly good tool for predicting the future and looking at the past. An interesting side fact derived from personal experience…I used to have a beautiful mama cat who had beautiful babies as well. She lived outside on our ranch and each time she had a litter of kittens, a male Tom would methodically kill the babies. It angered me to no end and I began to watch closely an bring her in before she gave birth after that. I was told by a friend that the male killed the babies to bring her back into heat so he could breed her again. I am not sure of the validity of that. It seems that it wouldn’t carry over into humans since rarely do fathers kill their children. Just a musing this morning. Love your blog, keep up the great work!

  2. Brian Combs says:

    For a physically violent female serial killer, you might take a look at Bella Gunness.

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