Pat’s Gallery of Killers (Radio Series)

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Pat's Gallery of Killers (Radio Series)
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It is an interesting statement on our society that we are at once both repelled and drawn to the serial killer.
Perhaps, and going beyond simple curiosity, the attraction is deeply rooted in our own sense of apprehension as to what it is within these fellow human beings that drives them into the abyss of abhorrent behavior and heinous acts of violence.

After all are not each and everyone of us part of the same human race, which means that while there are distinct differences there are nonetheless enduring similarities that through the right combination of circumstances could unleash within all of us a beast of unimaginable depravity.

Through this lens of empathetic repulsion, Pat’s Gallery of Killers will provide you with an inside look into the hearts and minds of the serial killer.

Taken from the personal files of real life criminal profiler Pat Brown, in each segment of Pat’s Gallery of Serial Killers on Blog Talk Radio you will gain access to her insights and experiences with tracking and commenting on some of the most notorious predators of our time.


Also check out Pat's Regular Show on BTR



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