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While the Gatineau Police are taking major steps to apprehend a man described as being in his forties, measuring 6 feet and weighing an estimated 240 pounds who, on several occasions has attempted to abduct women in the Gatineau area, Brown believes that it is just a matter of time before he succeeds.

In this segment of BTW! Pat Brown will build a profile of the perpetrator based on her years of extensive experience and unparalleled expertise, and in the process hopefully help to identify a man on an obvious mission before it’s too late.

As always our phone lines and chat room will be open to your questions and comments as well as anyone with a tip relative who they believe this individual might be and where he is likely to be found.

The call-in numbers once again are 347-326-9234 or 877-503-5036 (U.S. listeners).

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Show Outline:

The equivalent of a program at a sporting event or for that matter any other event for which programs are made available, you can follow tonight’s broadcast and see at what conclusions your profiling skills will help you to arrive and how they compare to our consummate professional’s conclusions.

Segment 1 (Profiling an Abduction)

Host Comment: There seems to be very little known about the man who this past June in a single evening attempted to abduct three different women at different times and in different parts of the city.

Here are the highlights of what is known:

  • During the course of the evening of June 8th a man described as being between the ages of 36 and 40, 6 feet tall and weighing approximately 240 pounds and tanned attempted to abduct 3 women.
  • The suspect drives an early 2000s grey Ford Focus.
  • He would attempt to force them into his car, but when they resisted he would flee.
  • There have been no further reports of attempted abductions since then.

This of course creates a number of interesting questions:

•        To start, there is a striking similarity to a recent case in your neck of the woods Pat, in which the Washington Post indicated that; Three men in a white van abducted a woman from a Merrifield street on Monday night, assaulted her, and then pushed her out of the vehicle after she fought back, Fairfax County police said.  Beyond the obvious difference of three versus one man being involved in the Washington case, what stood out was the fact that when the targeted victim fought back they let her go as did the lone Gatineau predator?  What does this tell you about the individuals re are they basically cowards who when faced with a strong response abandon their plans and flee?

•        I take it that resisting always makes the most sense re physically fighting back, security whistles etc.  Are there instances when such a response from an intended victim would produce a negative result, or basically they have one chance to get away and that is as soon as it happens?

•        In instances such as these what is the abductor’s intention?  Are they capable of violence and perhaps even murder?

•        There have not been any reports since June 8th of other attempts of abductions in Gatineau.  What does this mean re is this a onetime deal and after failing on three separate attempts the suspect is now flying the straight and narrow?  In short, does this mean that he has stopped and that he no longer poses a threat?

•        One side note that I picked up is that there was recently a murder of a young woman in Gatineau and I am wondering – and again this is pure speculation, as to the timing of the release of the June suspect’s composite photo around the same time.  Is it possible that police may have done this as they are trying to establish if there is a connection between the June abductions and the recent murder?

•        Even if the two cases are not linked, what impact does the earlier failures have on the Gatineau predator’s state of mind?  Is he likely to become increasingly frustrated and thus more dangerous?

Segment 2 (Profiling the Abductor)

Host Comment: Let’s now turn our attention to the actual suspect in the Gatineau attempted abductions:

•        Based on your extensive profiling experience, about what type of individual are we talking re someone who has confidence issues with women, sexually ambivalent, recently divorced?

•        What type of job do individuals such as these usually have or are they unemployed?

  • What about family background . . . are they usually from abusive homes?
  • What about their relationships with others re neighbors, co-workers, women?
  • In stating perhaps the obvious, is this individual suffering from a mental illness or an addiction?
  • What other characteristics would likely standout relative to the suspect?

Host Comment: Another point worth making is the area in which the attempted abductions occurred. You at one time helped police to solve a case in California by helping them to narrow their investigation to a particular are of the City . . . in the Gatineau case the distance according to Mapquest between the first (Maloney East and Lorrain Blvds.) and second (Saint-Louis and Jacques-Cartier Streets) abduction attempts was approximately 12 to 16 km and a 15 minute drive.  The distance between the second (Saint-Louis and Jacques-Cartier Streets) and third (Notre-Dame and Lorrain Blvd) attempts was approximately 13km and an 11 minute drive.  What if anything does this pattern tell you?  Is there any significance to the fact that the suspect started re first attempt, and concluded the evening’s activity re third attempt in the Lorrain Blvd. area?

  • Are these random victims or do victims usually share a similar characteristic re looks, color of hair etc.  What does this tell you about the suspect if indeed there are shared victim traits and how can this help police is capturing him?
  • What is the likelihood that the suspect knows or is at least familiar with the victims?
  • Are there any other potentially distinguishable characteristics which we have not touched on above re previous run-ins with the law or existing criminal record?

Segment 3 (The End Result?)

Host Comment: A Juristat 2006 Report on Crime Statistics in Canada indicated the following about abductions: “Another offence that has been increasing over the past 20 years is kidnapping/forcible confinement.  The number of these offences reported to police has increased from around 500 per year in the mid-a9080s to over 4,000 in 2006.  This represents almost a seven-fold increase in the rate for this offence.”  It should also be noted from the same report that “while kidnapping/forcible confinement incidents have been increasing, abductions of children and youth have been decreasing over the past 15 years.”

  • Why is there an increase in this type of crime?
  • I have not been able to locate the arrest or case closed statistics relative to attempted abductions.  From your experience, what percentages of cases ultimately result in an arrest?
  • Of the arrests that do happen, have law enforcement officials been able to determine or link the apprehended suspect’s activities to other unsolved crimes and, are these petty crimes or are they of a more serious nature? Conversely, have arrests for other non-related crimes led to convictions for unsolved cases of abduction involving the suspect?
  • For women in Gatineau, what advice would you have to offer while this predator remains at large?